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University of Winchester

The University of Winchester is a values-driven institution which offers excellent programmes of study sustained by teaching and research of the highest quality.

We offer a range of courses, all tailored to support career aspirations. We offer innovative and forward thinking teaching with a range of scholars at forefront of their fields.

Winchester is is one of the most beautiful cathedral cities in England. Relatively small, it combines lively modern city life with historic roots and unspoilt countryside.

Winchester offers an array of unique, independent shops and boutiques as well as traditional and nationally-known stores. The high-street offers a bustling atmosphere with street performers and markets while other more unusual shops are nestled along the cobbled streets that surround the cathedral and tucked away along intriguing backstreets.

There is a strong cafe and restaurant culture in Winchester. Raymond Blanc has a restaurant and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is opening a River Cottage Canteen and Deli later this year. There is also an array of award-winning bars and pubs which offer a traditional pint or mojito cocktail. Winchester has also held the Purple Flag award, which recognisies cities that are safe, enjoyable places for a night out. Winchester has held the award since 2010.

Every student's wellbeing is important to us at Winchester and our Student Services team offer a wide-range of support, advice, information and guidance on every aspect of student life, both personal and study-related

The University spreads across a modern, attractive campus within easy walking distance of the city centre. We have a dedicated, award-winning Student Union offering a diverse and exciting range of extra-curricular activities.

We work hard to ensure that you develop excellent employability skills, have access to excellent support and are fully prepared to embark on your chosen career

We have a fantastic range of facilities to help you throughout your study. In recent years the King Alfred campus has undergone much change to enhance it's facilities.



Our campus is split into Quarters, but via UCAS all campus areas come under the name ‘main site’.

King Alfred Quarter

Postcode - SO22 4NR

Accommodation - Many undergraduate students live in the halls of residence in the King Alfred

Quarter, in our Queens Road and Burma Road Student Villages.

West Downs Quarter

Postcode: SO22 5HT

A short walk from the centre of the King Alfred Quarter. It is the home to our Digital Technologies

computer and digital-related degree programmes and business and management programmes.

Accommodation - West Downs Student Village

High Street Quarter

Postcode: SO23 9AH

Classroom-based learning in the fully-equipped space for those students undertaking Physiotherapy

Bar End Quarter

Postcode: SO23 9SQ

Is home to Winchester Sports Stadium

Tel: +44 (0) 1962 841515 Fax: +44 (0) 1962 842280

Course Enquiries and Applications +44 (0) 1962 827234


Course UCAS Points Fees for an English student
Accounting and Finance [NN34] 104 9250
Accounting and Finance [06C2] 104 9250
Accounting and Management [NN42] 104 9250
Accounting and Management [95S2] 104 9250
Accounting, Finance and Investment [07V3] 104 9250
American Studies [T700] 112 9250
American Studies and History [SAMA] 112 9250
American Studies and Politics [T701] 112 9250
Ancient Classical and Medieval Studies [VV14] 112 9250
Applied Sport & Exercise Science [SS34] 96 9250
Applied Sport & Exercise Science [C601] 96 9250
Archaeological Practice [V400] 96 9250
Archaeology [F400] 104 9250
Archaeology [V402] 104 9250
Business Management [NP29] 104 9250
Business Management with Enterprise & Innovation [N290] 112 9250
Childhood Youth and Community Studies [L590] 104 9250
Choreography and Dance [W500] 112 9250
Classical Studies [48N3] 104 9250
Classical Studies [03D4] 104 9250
Creative Writing [W800] 120 9250
Criminology [L370] 112 9250
Digital Media Design [W280] 104 9250
Digital Media Development [GW42] 104 9250
Drama [W400] 104 9250
Education Studies [X300] 112 9250
Education Studies (Early Childhood) [X310] 112 9250
Education Studies (Special and Inclusive Education) [9G77] 0 9250
English [Q300] 128 9250
English Language Studies [Q310] 120 9250
English Literature with English Language [32B7] 128 9250
English with American Literature [Q3T7] 0 9250
Event Management [X121] 104 9250
Fashion Media and Marketing [N590] 112 9250
Film Production [WPQ3] 112 9250
Film Studies [P303] 112 9250
Forensic Studies [F410] 112 9250
Global History and Politics [VL22] 112 9250
Health Community & Social Care Studies [BL95] 88 9250
History [V100] 112 9250
History and the Medieval World [V190] 112 9250
History and the Modern World [V191] 112 9250
History, Civilisations and Beliefs [VV16] 112 9250
Journalism [P500] 128 9250
Law [M100] 112 9250
Marketing [3R93] 104 9250
Mass Communication [SH3P] 112 9250
Media Production [P310] 120 9250
Media Studies [P3W6] 112 9250
Modern Liberal Arts [V590] 112 9250
Performing Arts [W431] 104 9250
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics [V520] 112 9250
Politics and Global Studies [L290] 112 9250
Primary Education with QTS (3 years) [X120] 120 9250
Primary Education with QTS (4 years) [X122] 120 9250
Primary Education with QTS (4 years) [X121] 120 9250
Psychological Science [C801] 112 9250
Psychology [C800] 112 9250
Psychology and Child Development [C891] 112 9250
Psychology and Cognition [C890] 112 9250
Social Psychology [C880] 112 9250
Social Work [L500] 104 9250
Sociology [L300] 112 9250
Sports Coaching and Development [CX61] 0 9250
Sports Management [N291] 0 9250
Sports Studies [C600] 96 9250
Street Arts [W900] 0 9250
Theatre Production (Stage and Arts Management) [PWJ4] 0 9250
Theology, Religion and Ethics [V602] 112 9250
Vocal and Choral Studies [W311] 104 9250