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When the ball rolls off the centre spot at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon the perception is that this is the Kick Off.

The actual Kick Off for the thousands of people who work in the football industry is Monday 9am the week before, the month before or even years before. For the ball to roll off the centre spot it requires co-ordination from many market sectors such as finance, law, media, marketing, human resources, supply chain management and logistics.

The football industry is a multi-billion pound global business and yet there is little provision in education and training in this rapidly expanding sector.


UCFB provides best in class academic education in traditional degree subjects, which gives each student the skills, capabilities and knowledge to work within the football business and surrounding industries.

Student and general course information enquiries:T: +44 (0) 843 770 4570E: studentenquiries@ucfb.com

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