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We have a range of options available to advertise to both students and teachers. These include opportunities to feature in our event brochure, to place an advert on the registration email which is sent out to all students, and to advertise on our website. If you’re attending our UK University and Apprenticeship Search fairs, adding advertising alongside your exhibition stand is a fantastic way to increase interaction with your institution and stand out from the crowd.

Fair Advertising

Event Brochure

  • Our event brochures are handed out to all students attending the fair, and contain lots of articles and tips about higher education and apprenticeships. They are a valued take-away from the fairs, and featuring within them ensures your institution has a lasting impact upon students. We also produce a digital version of the brochure which is sent out to every school and college after the fair, to be shared on their HE and Careers platforms. 
Venue Map
  • Alongside the event brochure, all students are provided with a map of the venue at selected events. Our maps are used continuously throughout the fair as students travel between exhibition halls, seminar rooms and catering areas.

Request a Fairs and Advertising Media Pack for more information about brochure options and the venue map, or get in touch with us directly for prices.

More Fair Options

Registration Email

  • We have banner advertising opportunities available at both the top and bottom of our fair registration emails, which are circulated to over 20,000 students per event season. All students attending the fairs pre-register online, and receive an e-ticket directly to their inbox. These tickets are not only used for admission to the event, they’re also used during the fair to pass contact details along to exhibitors. Contact us for more details.


  • With over 45,000 students attending our events in 2019, alongside teachers and careers advisors, our fairs are an excellent opportunity to increase the attention your institution receives. Each of our events feature exhibition halls, seminar rooms, teacher and student catering areas. If you would be interested in sponsoring an event, or an area at one of our fairs, get in touch for more details.

Website Advertising


  • If you’re looking to increase the online presence of your institution, advertising on our website is a great next step. Not only do all students attending our UK University and Apprenticeship Search fairs visit the website to register for their tickets, we also attract students looking to use our UCAS Points Calculator, our Open Day Calendar, and our Blog. We have both Leaderboard and MPU banners on offer, please contact us for more information about dimensions and prices.


  • Hundreds of students visit our blogs every month for advice about higher education, apprenticeships and careers. Writing a blog article is a fantastic way to generate interest in your institution, and to improve your SEO. We can also offer the opportunity to promote your blog article through a feature in our student newsletter. Get in touch with us to discuss topics and ideas.

Get in Touch! We would love to hear from you if you would like to explore advertising, sponsorship or partnerships. We also welcome your ideas, whether you're interested in hosting one of our fairs, or have a completely new proposal for us. Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

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