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What to do if you don’t receive any university offers

If you haven’t received any offers don’t panic! There’s still plenty of ways you can get a university place through UCAS Extra and Clearing.

How does UCAS Extra work?

If you don’t receive any university or college offers by the 25th February you can use UCAS Extra to apply to new courses with vacancies.

  1. Log onto UCAS Track and search for courses and universities you’re interested in applying to. Not all universities and courses will have places available through UCAS Track. Research these courses and universities as you did the first time you submitted your university choices. Call the university admissions team to ask questions about the course and to discuss your suitability.
  2. Once you have found a course add it to the UCAS Track to apply for the university. You can only add one course at a time.
  3. The university considers your application. Universities should take 21 days to make a decision, but they can take longer. If it gets to 21 days and you haven’t heard from the university you have two options – you can either wait for the university to respond, or you can replace the course with another option. If you choose to replace the course with another one you will have withdrawn your application to the first course.
  4. After the university has considered your application there are one of three possibilities.
    • The university offers you a place and you choose to accept it. You accept the choice through UCAS Track, you can only select one course and they are your firm choice. You do not have the option to add an insurance choice. You must accept the offer by the given deadline, if you do not the university with withdraw your offer.
    • The university offers you a place and you choose to decline it. You can then go through UCAS Extra to apply to a new course.
    • The university does not offer you a place. You can add another course through UCAS Extra again or you can wait until Clearing to apply to university.

How will you know if you can use UCAS Extra?

If you go on UCAS track you will see if you’re eligible to use it if there is an option to ‘Add an Extra choice’ on Track

Do you have to pay for UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra is free to use so long as you applied to multiple universities previously, you will have paid when you submitted your application. If you had only applied to one university you will need to pay an additional fee for applying to multiple universities.

What if you don’t receive any offers by July 4th?

If you receive any offers by July 5th you can apply to universities through Clearing on July 5th. Find out more about UCAS Clearing here and here.

How many times can you use UCAS Extra?

You can add an Extra choice to your application as many times as you like but only one will be considered at each time.

What if I want to apply for a different subject?

If you’re applying for a different subject you can’t use a different personal statement on the UCAS application process but you can contact the university to explain and suggest you send them a new updated personal statement which they may or may not accept.

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